Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heaters, like all mechanical devices, require maintenance.  Although a hot water heater is a fairly simple device, it still needs yearly maintenance to continue to operate properly and trouble free throughout it’s life.

Flushing The Tank

One of the most basic maintenance tasks of a water heater is to flush the tank.  Sediment collects at the bottom of the water tank accelerating corrosion and potentially releasing this sediment into the water supply.  Flushing the tank is not a complicated task and can be performed by the home owner.

To flush the tank on your water heater, turn off the water heater and the water supply; the water supply valve is usually located on the cold water inlet.  Located at the bottom of the water heater is a drain that looks very similar to an outside water spigot.  Connect a standard garden hose to this outlet and run to a nearby drain.  Open the water heater drain valve and allow the tank to completely drain.  You might need to open a hot water faucet in the home to allow the tank to drain properly.

Once the water drains from the tank, you need to agitate the sediment in the tank to rinse it out.  Open the water supply valve for the water tank and continue to drain the tank until the water runs clear through the drain line.  This might take a while, so find a chair.  Once flushing is complete, close the drain valve and ensure the water supply is on.  Turn the water heater back on, and close any faucets you opened earlier in the process.

Blow Off Valve

Another maintenance tasks to perform is checking the blow-off valve or overflow valve.  This valve opens when pressure exceeds operating pressure of the tank.  There is often a lever on the blow-off to allow you to test the valve.  Ensure the blow-off is properly connected to a drain line so you aren’t exposed to hot water exiting the heater.  To test, simply lift the blow-off valve lever and ensure water exits the water heater through the drain line properly.

Other Maintenance

Water heaters come in many sizes and types.  With each manufacturer and type of water heater, various aspects require yearly attention to ensure proper operation.  For full maintenance requirements, visit the manufacture’s site, or contact Atkins Plumbing in Colorado Springs to have the maintenance performed.

Maintenance Plan

Atkins Plumbing also offers maintenance plans for your water heater.  We will perform a full inspection and perform all needed maintenance, leaving you free of the worry and hassle.  Keep your water heater in tip top operating condition with the Atkins Plumbing Maintenance Plan.